Residential Snow Removal Services in Ontario

We are the premier snow removal specialists for both residential and commercial requirements throughout the Golden Horseshoe area. Our residential snow service teams are career-long staff members of our company. Our team is fully trained in snow and ice management and they are SAS (Smart About Salt) trained operators.

We offer basic and premium residential packages, and both have the option of an onsite salt bin. Contact us to speak with a snow advisor and have your property safely looked after during the winter.

Our Snow Removal Packages

The difference between our basic and premium package is the amount of snow we service. We offer two comprehensive snow removal packages to suit your needs including:

  • Basic: Covers 2 inches (5 cm)
  • Premium: Covers anything above a dusting (1cm)

You choose the service that suits your needs and we ensure we will be there to manage your snow removal whether it is a dusting or major snowfall. You can depend on us to clear your property so it is safe, your parking lot is ready to serve your customers, or your private driveway is clear so you can remove your vehicle without the aid of a shovel.

Our Snow Removal Timing

We are fully committed to our customers and ensure you comply with municipal laws regarding snow removal. We keep you, your neighbours and visitors safe with prompt snow removal following both minor and major snowfalls. Our routes are 8 hours or less and begin once our weather monitoring team has a strategy for the storm.

Our goal is to service before the morning commute or before the evening commute home, depending on the timing of the storm. Our scheduling allows for two or three visits in a 24-hour period on all large storms. All our trucks are GPS monitored and our weather team coordinates the trucks directly.

Using Real-time Tracking Technology

Unlike other snow removal companies, Paramount has a team ready to manage snow removal. We never leave things to chance and instead use our CAP (Customer Accountability Program) application. This updates you with the weather our team is tracking, what we’re planning for service times, real-time reports of when we were on-site, what was performed, and completion times for the storm and services. As a result, you always know where we are, when we cleared your property and when we can be expected to arrive when a new system is expected. We understand the unpredictability of Ontario weather and have taken every possible step to ensure we stand up to our snow removal commitments for our customers.

You can check our website at any time to read our Snow Line reports so you keep up to date with the weather and our team. We can provide salt bins on-site for our customers’ use outside our service visits. This makes life easier for you while reducing the risk of slips and falls. Speak to our team today to learn more about our snow removal services. It’s never too early to book with our team so you are ready for the snowy season, even if it means calling us in the summer!