Residential Arborist Services Ontario

Our Arborists on staff are environmentalists and are very passionate about trees and nature. They always do what they can, keeping what’s best for the environment in mind. If you’re having a problem with a tree, we will assess it and discuss with you whether it is hazardous and needs to be removed or if it can be restored.

Our arborist team can complete small and simple jobs, or intricate, high-risk projects. They are fully trained and certified ISA Arborists, Government certified Horticulture Technicians and Utility Arborists.

This industry generally has a bad reputation about leaving a mess after tree work is performed. One thing our staff prides itself in is the cleanliness we leave a site in when we are finished a project. Other than the tree work or tree removal itself, you should not be able to tell we were there. Contact us today for any questions that you have regarding our arborist services.

The Dangers of Unmaintained Trees

Poorly maintained trees pose a danger to your family, home and neighbours. When trees are weakened by damage or disease they can fall over. Increased weather issues such as ice storms and high winds greatly increase the risk of falling trees and branches when they are not healthy. When trees or even branches fall, they can land on houses, vehicles, fences, property or even people. In fact, trees can even take out the electrical power for an entire neighbourhood if they fall on wires. The best way to avoid liabilities is to keep your trees in perfect health.

Why Saving Trees Is Important

The loss of a tree is always a tragedy as they are very important to our communities. They offer many benefits including:

  • Shade and cooling: Trees help keep our neighbourhoods cooler by providing shade. Even from a property standpoint, you can appreciate the shade of a mature tree on a sweltering hot day. In numbers, trees create a cooling canopy for multiple homes.
  • Property value: Just read the ads for property listings and see how often agents mention “mature trees” as a selling point. Houses on streets with mature trees are elegant, cool and have a sense of history homebuyers love. Therefore, mature, healthy trees on your property increase your home’s value.
  • Reduced energy consumption: As mentioned above, the shade from trees can block the sun from heating up your home in the summer, so you don’t need to use your air conditioning as often.
  • Oxygen: Trees act as the world’s natural filters breathing in CO2 and breathing out oxygen for our benefit.

We value trees and do everything in our power to avoid tree removal on our customers’ properties.

Benefits of Tree Care

Our arborists offer many benefits including:

  • Beautiful, healthy trees for life
  • Removal of dangerous branches that can cause damage
  • Removal of diseased trees that can spread disease or cause damage
  • Safety for your property
  • Reduced chance for liabilities

You have a duty to keep your property safe, and our team can help.

Speak to the arborists at Paramount Landscaping to keep your trees in perfect health for the good of your property and the planet.