Types of Patio Flooring

Types of Patio Flooring

To continue on with our exploring of what goes into a patio, the first and the most important is the foundation.

The first couple I want to mention are slab and raised.

Slab is poured concrete plain and simple. Gives a very solid place to entertain and is easy to maintain. The concrete can be colored a variety of colors to add some splash to the patio.

Raised patios can be several inches to a few feet above ground and there are several ways to do this. A retaining wall or a tall frame can be used to contain the concrete or dry-laid pavers. They can also be made with wood, these are also referred to as decks.

Opting to put the patio on ground level you can use the dry-laid or mortaring method.

Dry-laid involves some excavating, drainage, laying a sand bed and finally laying the stones or bricks.

Mortaring, similar to dry-laying, holds the bricks or stones more permanently into place. The process is the same but the benefit of mortaring is no sinking, gaps and a smoother surface.

Here are some of the available patterns for brick but can be applied to other material

paver, patterns

Please check back as we continue our explanation with patios.

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