Residential Irrigation System Installation in Ontario

An irrigation system is crucial for a healthy lawn and gardens. Let’s face it-we just don’t have the time to water our lawn and gardens daily during the heat of the summer. The ongoing weather changes and prolonged drought periods that we’ve had over the past few years doesn’t help the situation either.

Our team will install a top-of-the-line irrigation system that will keep your lawn and gardens watered throughout the year and will make your property look lush, healthy and green.

All of our irrigation systems come with a controller, plumbing, all water lines, a rain sensor and various heads to perform different applications. These systems are complete from start to finish and can be installed in a short couple of days. Paramount’s irrigation team can also provide repairs and open/close options for our property maintenance contracts. This saves our clients’ time and money, making any questions or needs just one phone call away.

Our Irrigation Professionals

Our team of trained irrigation specialists install quality irrigation sprinkler systems with minimum disruption to your property. We ensure the system is installed properly to avoid leaks, and explain how the system operates so you can optimize its benefits. Once installed we can set it and forget it so it doesn’t require any adjustments. This ensures it operates as needed on the right schedule with minimum water waste.

Why install an irrigation system?

There are many reasons our customers opt to install an irrigation system on their property including:

  • Convenience: This is the most common reason for our customers installing an irrigation system. They are zero maintenance systems that allow you to water your lawn all season long without lifting a finger. We also set it to go on and off at the best times of the day and apply the right amount of water for lawn health.
  • Proper lawn care: Many homeowners either over or under water their lawns. As well, they water when it is convenient for them which isn’t always as convenient for your lawn. Your irrigation system ensures your lawn care is optimized with delivery at the best times of day and for the proper duration. Often you can only water your lawn and garden when the sun is up when you really should be watering during the early morning hours before the sun fully rises. Otherwise, the water is wasted due to evaporation. As well, if you think watering in the evening is best, it is actually bad for the lawn as it increases the risk for diseases and fungus as the moisture doesn’t get properly absorbed.
  • Water savings: While you might think irrigation systems waste water, they actually use just enough water to keep your lawn healthy. As a result, you save money on your water bill.
  • Aligned with garden zones: Lawns are not the only aspect of your garden that benefits from an irrigation system. We can set up specified zones to ensure your irrigation system waters your garden beds and plants at the right time and with the right amount of water for an optimized, healthy garden.
  • Property value: Homebuyers love low maintenance features such as irrigation systems and are more likely to pay top dollar for the convenience.

Call today for a free quote to install your irrigation system and let’s create the healthy, beautiful lawn you’re looking for.