Waterfall Landscaping Services in Ontario

There is nothing more calming than running water right outside your backdoor. Backyard waterfalls come in all shapes and sizes and make for aesthetically pleasing and soothing focal points of a backyard landscape.

When considering your design options, the main consideration is how to achieve the necessary height of the waterfall. The one nice feature of a waterfall is that they are all unique in shape and size and they create a stress-free vibe. At Paramount, we use extremely reputable suppliers which we have found offer the most reliable products.

Once the waterfall system has been installed, landscaping around the area is handled much in the same way as adding a new garden to your property. Our team can build small waterless features to large pool size ponds depending on budget and needs.

Considerations When Installing a Waterfall System

Waterfall landscaping takes into consideration your entire property, looking at all the current features from retaining walls to garden beds and swimming pools to outdoor kitchens. This allows us to find the best site for your waterfall. Some other considerations include:

Is there a convenient power source nearby to run your waterfall?

If not we can arrange to have power run to the site you wish to install the waterfall. This is a must as waterfalls use an electric pump to keep the water circulating.

Would you like a natural pond or a more formal pool to create the reservoir for your waterfall?

As the water falls it is captured in a reservoir which continues to feed water back to the waterfall. It is very symbiotic. However, you want to consider what type of reservoir you prefer as this is key to the design. We can create whatever style you prefer. When built into the landscaping design it is a more organic look as if the waterfall has always been there. This includes existing ponds or ponds we can design and install to work with your beautiful waterfall. A more formal look would include some form of tile, cement, or other materials to create a more modern, or classic look. You can also create a wall of cascading water falling into a reservoir.

Where is the water source?

For built ponds and waterfalls, you’ll need a water source close to fill and top up the pond. Your home’s water supply provides a continuous supply of water but has to be kept turned on to avoid the waterfall drying up.

Natural wildlife

We always let our customers know their waterfall will help attract more natural wildlife to their backyard from birds to frogs and butterflies to squirrels and chipmunks depending on your location.

Stagnant water

If you have a pond that is stagnant, a waterfall is an excellent way to keep the water churning to avoid attracting mosquitoes that will lay their eggs in stagnant waters.

We can help you design the perfect waterfall to add a sense of serenity to your backyard and an ongoing soothing sound throughout the summer.

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