Backyard Pond Landscaping Service in Ontario

Ponds and water features add some peaceful sounds to your back yard that will provide tranquility and relaxation. There are huge benefits to Mother Nature as well by having a pond or water feature. You are supplying an eco-system to your backyard that will offer all kinds of animals and birds the necessities to live. Some great advantages to having water features in gardens are simply for the pure delight, the stress-decreasing peacefulness they provide and hopefully, a chance to see a variety of wildlife up close.

Why add a pond to your garden?

Ponds create a naturally balanced ecosystem that is practically maintenance-free. You can enjoy the beauty of what appears like a natural water feature in your garden, providing a tranquil feature you can enjoy for years to come.

Combined with a lovely waterfall, or rock garden a pond creates the feeling of sitting in a forest. You can create an expansive pond, or a very small pond so they truly can be installed in any backyard. You can even have a small pond on your patio or deck.

A water pump continuously gently stirs the water to keep it free of mosquitoes while offering a gentle gurgling sound that helps drown out the sounds of local traffic, barking dogs, and neighbours.

Ponds also attract wildlife so you can enjoy watching the antics of squirrels and chipmunks or admire the beauty of the many colourful birds and butterflies drawn to the sound of water. Our team can help you create the pond of your dreams, suited to your yard size, vision and budget.

Why add a water feature to your garden?

As already mentioned, the sound of water is very Zen allowing you to fall into a naturally meditative state that allows you to relax. There are endless possibilities when creating a customized water feature which can be something as simple as a gathering of river stones with a small bubbling spout, to something more complicated like a pond complete with stones, a bridge and a series of pathways.

You can also choose an existing fountain to add charm, sophistication or a touch of whimsy to your garden. From rain walls to cascading levels and from pouring water to running water, you can choose the level of water movement, speed, and even sound level based on the type of water feature you prefer.

Water features can also be combined with fire pits for drama, or be used as a focal point on their own. We offer complete backyard retreat design services and can incorporate whatever features you desire from lights to intricate paths and from wall seats to a patio for lounging by the soothing sounds of the water.

Spend hours unwinding by your garden. At night your water feature comes to life with the installation of low voltage lighting. Illuminating the prominent features of your water feature creates enchanting focal points, contrasted against the evening hours. Whether you choose a small patio pond or larger water feature, our designs provide elements that give definition and harmony to your landscape.