Professional Graffiti Removal for Homeowners in Ontario

Although graffiti in the right application can sometimes be the work of an artist, much of the time it can leave a stigma on your property. Graffiti is a source of vandalism and most of the time there is no accountability.

Our team can remove the markings of most applications from walls, garbage cans, windows, signs, etc.

Studies show that removing someone’s vandalism should immediately deter them from doing it again. If the graffiti is vulgar or ill-mannered and something that you don’t want at your home or business, we can take it down very quickly and inexpensively.

Why It Is Important to Remove Graffiti from Your Property

There are several reasons you should remove graffiti as quickly as possible from your property including:

  • Keep customers happy: Graffiti sends the wrong message to your customers. They might feel they are in an unsafe neighbourhood which can keep them away for good.
  • Ruins your property value: Home or business, graffiti reduces the value of your property as a) it makes the area less desirable and b) people will assume the damage is permanent otherwise you would have removed it.
  • Helps reduce crime: When it appears vandals are getting away with their crime, other criminals will feel the neighbourhood is not as secure as other areas. This invites further vandalism but can escalate to break and entry or worse. The sooner you take care of the graffiti the sooner you send the message this behaviour is not tolerated in your neighbourhood.
  • It weakens subsurface: Spray paint can contain chemicals that eat away at the subsurface of your property which can lead to further damage.
  • It doesn’t have time to set in: The sooner you remove the paint, the more likely it is it won’t have time to penetrate deeply into the surface. The longer you wait the more time the paint has to “cure.”

Acting fast is the best way to restore your property and avoid further acts of vandalism.

Why Professional Graffiti Removal Is Recommended

You can try taking action to remove the graffiti yourself, but it can lead to serious issues including:

  • Depending on the method you choose you can actually allow the paint to deepen into the surface
  • Frustration can cause you to use too high a setting on your power washer which can permanently damage the wall, fence, or other materials
  • You don’t have access to the proper chemical to safely and effectively remove the stains
  • Once your cleaning fails it will be more difficult for professional cleaners to remove the paint

It makes more sense to have our team come in right away and do the job right.

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