Interlock Power Washing & Maintenance Services in Ontario

Ever wonder why your interlock patios are full of weeds between the cracks? Just like any other part of your property, your interlock requires maintenance. Over the course of a few years, those tiny cracks usually fill with debris and particles allowing weeds to take root and grow. Depending on the amount of traffic and environmental abuse, this service should be done every two to five years.

Our team will power wash the interlock, taking off any stains and removing sand and debris in the cracks.

We will then wait for it to completely dry and apply polymeric sand between each brick to reseal the interlock. This restores the look of your interlock and prevents build up and re-growth of those pesky weeds.

What is polymeric sand?

Polymeric sand is a special material used to fill the empty spaces between paver, tile or natural stone. Also known as jointing sand, it contains fine grains and additives that create a firm seal once wet. It then sets, creating a barrier for weeds and insects, while also holding the pavers in place. Regular sand can help prevent weeds, however, it remains loose so it doesn’t provide a firm block. As a result, weed growth and pests can still penetrate the sand, while it doesn’t do much to lock the pavers in place so they won’t shift.

Benefits of Interlock Resanding

There are many benefits to interlock resanding including:

  • Durability: Polymeric sand improves the durability of your interlock patios and walkways for longer-lasting beauty and resilience.
  • Semi-permanent: Compared to regular sand, polymeric sand is semi-permanent and won’t wash away. It just requires resanding every two to five years.
  • Weed protection: Your interlock becomes maintenance-free for up to five years as weeds can’t penetrate your interlock. It also in turn prevents loosening as weed roots and growth damages the consistency of your interlock.
  • Prevent insects: Ants love interlock and will disturb the enjoyment of your patio when they infest the cracks between and then beneath your interlock. Polymeric sand acts as a deterrent to ants as they can’t penetrate it.
  • Add an attractive detail: You can also give your interlock a more unique look as polymeric sand comes in a variety of different colours to complement your pavers.

As you can see interlock resanding is a must to reduce maintenance, improve durability and reduce the risk of pests. Our team can help preserve the look of your walkways, paths, decorative edging, and patios with our resanding services.

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