Residential lawn Maintenance Services in Ontario

We know you work very hard and don’t have much down time or quality time with your family and friends. We will help you take back your evenings and weekends. Hire us to manicure your property.

It’s a simple process for you to sign up for a weekly lawn maintenance program. Once we have the go ahead to start looking after your lawn care, you won’t have to worry about pulling your lawn mower and trimmer out of your shed, filling them up with gas or plugging them in and sweating in the heat.

Your maintenance team will come on the same day every week from the start of May until the end of October. Our horticulturally trained experts will cut your lawn (with those stunning lines that you long for), edge your gardens, trim along the sidewalk with a 90 degree angle and clean up the grass clippings and debris. Your lawn will be left with a crisp, professional look.

The Paramount Lawn Pros

When you hire Paramount for your lawn maintenance our team has the knowledge and experience to beautify your lawn with worry-free lawn care. We are highly trained and ensure we apply the right fertilizers at the right time of year to keep your lawn lush and green. We understand grass types, proper irrigation, and even the importance of soil. We take special care to identify issues and make amendments as required. With so many contributing factors to maintaining beautiful lawns, we create a plan specific to your needs and set up a schedule to ensure your lawn receives regular care to avoid dead patches, disease and weed woes.

Why You Need Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance provides you with an easy way to keep your lawn looking its best. This is important because it helps improve the appearance of your entire street, which helps keep home prices rising in your neighbourhood. Lawns require very specific care to keep them healthy. We know exactly how to mow your lawn to avoid keeping it too long or short so the root system remains healthy and your soil is not exposed to weed growth. As a result, proper lawn care reduces the need for maintenance such as pulling weeds and can even naturally protect against pests.

Benefits of Lawn Maintenance

What many homeowners don’t realize is that healthy lawns are good for the environment for several reasons including:

  • Trapping pollutants like carbon dioxide gases helps to generate fresh oxygen much like trees to improve air quality
  • Reducing noise in high traffic areas by absorbing it, keeping your street peaceful
  • Protecting against soil erosion
  • Naturally purifying groundwater
  • Reducing the risk of floods on your property
  • Reducing energy bills by cooling your yard so you don’t need to use the AC as often

And if you require garden care or any other services, we have a multitude of packages to fit YOUR needs. Contact us for a quote today and take back your well-deserved down time.