Residential mulch Installation Services in Ontario

One of the most rewarding things when looking at your property is clean and well-kept gardens. Arguably, mulch is the most attractive and easiest way to do this, and the benefits of mulch are endless.

Mulching keeps weeds away, often solving weed problems. It creates a barrier against new seeds trying to take hold in your garden and prevents sunlight from supporting the germination process.

As the season progresses, the mulch stabilizes its temperature and holds in moisture which helps to prevent soil erosion. Mulch is often applied towards the beginning of the growing season, and may be reapplied as necessary, usually requiring topping up yearly to freshen up the gardens. We supply many different types of mulch and colours: black woodchips, red woodchips, pine, cedar and bark chips. Any of these options will give your gardens a neat and tidy appearance.

What is mulch?

Mulch refers to a wide variety of gardening materials spread over soil to provide a protective covering from weeds. It retains moisture while keeping weeds at bay. However, it also keeps soil cooler in the summer and prevents frost in the winter. There are many types of mulch available, and each works very well at keeping your garden looking neat, healthy and weed-free.

Why does mulch require replacement?

Organic mulches decompose over time, while other materials such as pebbles thin and move around over the years. As a result, you end up with uneven ground cover so the mulch can’t do its job. It is best to replace or refresh mulch every spring to keep your garden looking its best.

Where should mulch be used?

Mulch is ideal in areas where your garden beds are quite thin as it helps keep weeds from finding a stronghold. Weeds not only ruin the look of your garden but can also take away nutrients from your other plants. Mulch prevents weeds from growing because it covers the ground to prevent new weeds from landing in the soil while blocking out sunlight so old seeds can’t germinate. However, it can be used anywhere to provide a harmonized look to your garden beds and add texture.

What plants need winter mulch?

Plants such as roses, shrubs, evergreens and deciduous perennials fair better over the winter when mulch is applied. We can install mulch in the fall to provide an insulating blanket to protect plants while ensuring they receive water flow.

What plants need spring mulch?

Spring is the best time to lay mulch in your garden before weed seedlings can work their way up through the soil. However, if you have perennials, it is best to wait until they begin to appear, so you don’t smother them with too thick a layer of mulch. We can provide mulch installation to give your gardens a neat appearance and protect against weeds all summer long.

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