Backyard Retaining Wall Contractors in Ontario

Although the general purpose of these walls is to retain, some are cosmetic, and some are structural.

Regardless of the application, our construction team can accommodate your needs.

There are numerous ways to build a retaining wall in today’s age and during the quotation phase, we will discuss the style and type of brick you’re looking at using. We can use manufactured brick, armour stone or wood depending on the application. All of the walls that we build above four feet tall are engineered for safety.

Why You Need Retaining Walls

Retaining walls hold back soil to prevent erosion. This is necessary when your garden has raised areas that are more vulnerable to the effects of rain, snow and ice that can eat away at the soil and lead to mini landslides. Although they are very functional, we design retaining walls not only to be structurally sound with the guidance of an engineer but also to add aesthetic appeal to your property. They can help make more sense of your space and keep things more “organized” and harmonized. As well, you can get better use out of awkward raised or sloped terrain in your yard to create interest instead of simply having an area you avoid or ignore in your landscaping design.

The Benefits of Professionally Built Retaining Walls

While you can try to install your own retaining walls, walls over four feet must be structurally sound. This requires not just the skills of a builder, but also an engineer who understands structural integrity. This is not just a DIY backyard project, but instead, a skilled undertaking that not only protects your property but also keeps your family safe. We build your retaining walls and curbs to ensure the foundation is sound and reinforcements are included for proper support. Each element of the wall has its own purpose to both withstand the hands of time and do its job to hold back soil without shifting or sinking. When professionally installed you reduce maintenance for your structures and improve durability. It provides improved return on investment by increasing property values when they stand up to buyer scrutiny and property inspections.

Stunning Retaining Wall Designs

We offer expert wall designs with our landscaping designers installed by our landscaping construction crews. You can choose the materials that suit your taste and budget whether it is functional concrete blocks, attractive natural stone or pavers, or wood. You can install retaining walls to be strictly functional or to add features to your yard including:

  • Privacy walls
  • Raised or multi-level garden beds
  • Dramatic columns
  • Multi-level flower beds
  • Driveway borders
  • Address posts
  • Wall seats

Paramount offers over 120 years of experience, ensuring your retaining walls and hardscaping garden features are sound, long-lasting and beautiful.

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