Sod Removal & Installation Services in Ontario

Sometimes, there is no saving a lawn. We must make the decision to apply fresh sod when an existing lawn is past the ability of fertilizer, aeration, top dressing and other applications to help. Although it’s more costly than overseeding, new sod gives you instant gratification and ensures a weed free lawn.

The process is to remove your existing lawn, re-level your yard with new topsoil, and install high quality Grade A sod. We will also provide you with the information you will need to care for your new lawn.

When is sod removal and installation required?

Lawns usually die slowly over a few years. While a yellowing or thinning lawn can be saved with quick intervention, the longer you leave your lawn, the more weeds it can attract, the more damage there is to the integrity of the soil and the more chance there is for disease and pests to take advantage of the lawn’s vulnerability. Here are clear signs your lawn needs sod removal and installation:

  • Growing amount of dirt spots: While one or two dirt spots can be reseeded, if you are experiencing an increasing number of dirt spots your lawn is dying. Reseeding can be your first approach, but this will lead to inconsistency and clumping if the lawn seed doesn’t match the original lawn species.
  • Extensive damage: If your lawn has experienced extensive damage such as ruts from a vehicle, constant traffic leaving packed down dirt paths, or digging on your property, replacement is required.
  • Disease: Once diseases sets into your lawn it usually means you’ll need to tear it up and resod it. Prevention can avoid disease, so proper lawn care is a must.
  • Weeds: While pretty much every lawn will see the odd dandelion now and then, when you are seeing multiple types of weeds it means your lawn is too weak or thin to choke them out. The more weeds, the more likely your lawn is failing.
  • Wrong grass species: There are different types of lawn species. If you have the wrong type of grass it could fail to thrive if your environment isn’t ideal. For example, the original lawn might have thrived in a sunny spot, but with trees maturing, or something like an addition to your home or structural changes to a neighbour’s property could be casting too much shade on the lawn. In this case, you need the proper species to do well in shade.
  • Poor drainage: If the soil has become too compacted, it can lead to issues with your lawn including too thick a thatch, inability to absorb water property, spongy areas, and more.

If any of these issues sound familiar, or your lawn generally just doesn’t look as lush and healthy as you’d like, our team of lawn experts can come in and assess your lawn. We will find the best solution whether it is reseeding or replacement.

Contact us for this quality service.