Outdoor Kitchen Landscaping Contractors in Ontario

An outdoor kitchen is a true extension of your home, adding entertaining space for the precious time that you have with friends and family.

Outdoor kitchens add a whole new meaning to luxury, when you can enjoy cooking on the BBQ while watching a sports game, enjoying laughter and fun with family and friends.

Gourmet Kitchens Al Fresco

If you love barbecuing, carrying everything outside to the grill is a hassle. It interferes with cooking, as well as outdoor entertaining. Today’s outdoor kitchens rival the most well-appointed indoor gourmet kitchens with attention to detail and top-notch equipment designed for chefs. You can include everything you need to prepare complete meals and serve up drinks while you entertain without ever going into the house. Here are some of the common elements our gourmet outdoor kitchens can include:

  • BBQs
  • Pizza Ovens
  • Sinks
  • Fridges
  • Bars
  • Big Screen TVs
  • Gazebos


Building Beautiful Quality Kitchens

At Paramount we don’t just build kitchens we design them too. Our talented designers are ready to assist you in creating a fully functional kitchen with state-of-the-art designs to impress a world-class chef. Whether you are looking for a grill with counter space and a fridge, or an extravagant layout with a bar, pizza oven, cabinets, and more, we can assist you in creating the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Stunning stone fireplaces, exquisite lighting, shelter above, lovely stone flooring and more all work together creating a valuable, enjoyable extension of your home.

Open Concept Outdoor Dining and Entertaining

Your outdoor kitchen brings the idea of open concept design to a whole new level. We create complete outdoor living spaces where you can cook, dine and entertain in style. We ensure you have functional flow, and every need is met whether you are cooking for family or entertaining guests. We can include built-in big-screen TVs so you can enjoy the game, watch your favourite movies or binge-watch your favourite series while getting fresh air. And of course that all-important fire feature completes the look whether you want a stately stone fireplace or a casual fire pit. Paramount offers high-end cottage life right in your own backyard.

Let your imagination fly when it comes to an outdoor kitchen, the possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to build it for you. Fill out the form to start the process today.