Commercial Lawn Overseeding Services in Ontario

Over-seeding is the term used to describe the application of seed to your already established lawn.  This helps keep your lawn thick and lush and helps to prevent weed growth..

Paramount uses the highest quality grass seed on the market. The native seed mixture we use is always recommended for our area, as these seeds are already accustomed to our local soil, rain and drought conditions.  Over-seeding is best done in early spring or fall during aeration.  Contact us to fill in your lawn with lush, green grass.  If you have a lawn that’s thinned out or is yellow or unhealthy looking, chances are, it will benefit from a top-dressing application.  Top Dressing is applied to alter the composition of the soil beneath your lawn and improve its structure. It consists of compost, topsoil and organic fertilizers.

Adding organic matter is an excellent way to improve soil, especially soil that is made up of clay or sand.  Loam-type soils are best at retaining water and the nutrients that your lawn requires.  Adding top dressing in conjunction with aerating is always recommended as it will help get the organic materials down into the soil and to the root of the grass which is how it heals and grows well.

Top Signs Your Lawn Is in Trouble

If you find no matter how hard you try, your lawn just is never as green, lush and weed-free as your neighbours, you might have a number of issues.  The top signs your lawn is in trouble include:

  • Discolouration or mushroom growth: This means you are over-watering your lawn.
  • Thinning grass, algae or mossy patches: Your lawn isn’t getting enough sun.
  • Ridges, dug-up lawn, or dying lawn edges: You’ve got critters! Ridges are created by underground critters like voles, while dug-up areas of your lawn and dry dead patches are usually due to grubs. The dead spots are caused by grubs, while the dug-up areas are caused by skunks and raccoons trying to get at the grubs for food.
  • Yellowish dead spots across your lawn, or in a few concentrated areas: If you have a dog that uses your lawn as a bathroom, their feces and urine cause these spots.
  • Different colours, textures and appearance of grass on your lawn: Too much reseeding or spot seeding, as well as possible invasive grasses, cause lawns to become patchy. In this case, your lawn might be lush and green, but it has a very unkempt appearance due to so many species taking root.
  • Water pooling, discolouration or thinning: Your soil is compacted and isn’t allowing your grass to breathe.

If these problems sound familiar, our lawn care experts can assess your lawn and offer solutions including overseeding and top dressing.

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