Landscape Lighting Company in Ontario

If you’re looking to make your home and landscaping just as stunning during the evening and night hours, landscape lighting is what you’re looking for. This adds atmosphere and mood to your property along with the benefits of security and safety.

All our lighting systems are LED with multiple colour choices, and they are weather sealed for the environment.

Our team is specialized in designing a lighting plan of action to match a budget and impact the landscape appropriately. The applications are endless whether it be lighting some trees from the base up, lighting up a fence line or steps along a walkway, even a water feature. The possibilities are limitless. Here at Paramount Landscaping, we want you to have only the best. The products we use are very dependable and have a great warranty of up to five years.

Endless Lighting Options

The beauty of outdoor lighting is there are endless options to create a customized look. We can install lighting with specific functions in mind including:

  • Accent lights: These lights accent specific features in your backyard, or at the front of your home. They add a sense of sophistication to your yard at night, with a high-end look that focuses on gently drooping trees, seating areas, trees or even retaining walls to bring out their texture.
  • Paths and steps: Make it easier to navigate your property at night whether it is leading to your home, paths from the garage to your home, or paths to various areas in your backyard. They can also be installed in steps for a dramatic look while also making steps easier to see. In-path lighting can be installed flush to the ground for an interesting look. They can also be installed on the tops of curbs.
  • Deck & patio: Stay outdoors into the wee hours of the morning with deck and patio lighting. Soft lighting creates a relaxing ambience while bright lights help keep prowlers away.
  • Water lights: Bring attention to water features at night with water lights. They create an interesting, diffused light, while also drawing attention to people so they don’t fall into the pond!
  • Hardscape: Walls, garden bed edging, firepits, wall seats, and more can all become more interesting with lights.
  • Landscape lighting: Draw attention to your favourite garden features, including flowers that only bloom at night, bushes, trees, arbours, and more with well-positioned uplighting. You can even install lights in trees to cast soft lighting to the seating areas below.
  • Gazebos and pergolas: Lights in your gazebo or pergola can be used for decoration, or can provide a more functional purpose so you can enjoy your structures late into the night
  • Security: Exterior lighting can also be used to keep your home more secure. Prowlers hate to be caught in the act and tend to avoid well-lit homes.

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