Walkway Landscaping Services in Ontario

A walkway is crucial to create a welcoming atmosphere to your front door or backyard patio. A walkway should be beautiful and inviting, allowing the visitor to feel safe and comfortable when entering your property.

The front walkway can also be a first impression of your home, so it is important to build it with character and style.

Functional & Beautiful

Walkways don’t have to be boring. We understand how a well-designed walkway adds texture and interest while drawing focus to specific elements of your yard. From a functional standpoint, your walkways should be smooth and easy to follow so people safely find their way to your front door, but they also provide a lovely design element. Our designers and expert landscapers work together to create unique walkways combining different textures, colours and stone sizes to create the perfect complement to your outdoor living space or front yard. If you have features such as a gazebo, fire pit or arbour, we can design cohesive walkways that lead people to these areas with a natural flow that creates a sense of calm.

Elements of a Walkway

We consider every element of your walkway to ensure they work with your property. For front yards, we consider your driveway, configuration of your lawn and flower beds, your front porch, and anything else that should logically influence the design. For longer walkways, for example, we might recommend installing lights to make it safer at night, while also adding curb appeal. Lighting also adds more texture to your backyard. If you have existing hardscaping such as retaining walls or steps, we ensure your walkway blends in naturally so it doesn’t appear as an afterthought. We might also recommend using steps on a sloped area to add interest or offer suggestions to create symmetry by adding an additional interlock on either side of your driveway. This complements paths leading to your home and backyard. By ensuring we include all the elements, we can enhance the look of any existing features or make suggestions to add a few additional elements for the perfect look.

Professional Installation By ICPO Trained Experts

All of our walkways are built with a soldier course (a border) and these can be different colours and styles of brick.

This distinctive, additional step is what sets us apart from our competition.

Our hardscape construction team is ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) trained with over 40 years’ experience installing interlocking brick.

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