We continue to change the industry with our professionalism, accountability, and availability to ensure that we’re as proficient as the company you represent. Paramount Landscaping breaks the mold of standardized property maintenance services. We have made groundbreaking changes by first taking full accountability for everything we do and introducing technology to empower our commercial clients. Whether we maintain the property of your business, or property you lease to your tenants, we share the responsibility of presenting a professional image while ensuring everyone is safe. We work with you to create a perfectly designed landscape that presents your property in a positive light. From timely snow removal, to fall and spring clean-up and landscaping designs to perfectly executed installation, we take pride in the work we complete. Our comprehensive services can be customized to suit your specific needs as we understand no two properties, and no two businesses are alike. We are budget conscious and ensure you get the most value for the services we provide.

We know when you are asked a question that you need the answer as soon as possible- your clients rely on it. We want you to put your confidence in us when it comes to your property’s curb appeal and landscaping needs. We have come up with an answer to every question or concern you have had about a landscape company, below.

“I have been working with Paramount Landscaping since 2011, I am a Property Manager for multiple locations and Paramount takes care of 4 of my properties. The staff and crews are very courteous and take pride in the services they provide. They show up promptly on a weekly basis to all of my properties, the management team is always available to answer any questions, concerns or needs that my residents may have. The Paramount team excels in their technology to provide up to date information through their application, 24-7 Snowline and knowledgeable management team. They definitely take it to a whole new level when it comes to a Professional Landscape Company. I have and will continue to recommend Paramount landscaping to family, friends as well other Property Managers looking for a high-end Property Maintenance Contractor.”
Michelle Bolan, Albion Property Management Company

Paramount Top 10 Answers
You need to know

Always Available

Have you ever called your landscaper and got no answer at 4pm, 8pm or 6am, no matter the time of year?

During the winter months we have management answering our Snowline 24/7, whether it be before, during or after a storm. During the summer season, phones and customer service emails are answered 24 hours a day as well.


One of your clients calls from a property you manage and says, “The property maintenance company hasn’t been here this week” or perhaps they say, “No one has been here to plow or salt yet and conditions are getting dangerous”.

These are some of the worst phone calls because you feel that your maintenance company has let you down yet again!

Our real- time, cloud- based application and winter snowline will tell you everything you need to know when you need to know it. Our snowline is updated throughout the winter before, during and after a storm to give you the information you need to stay safe, serviced and up- to- date. Our managers also use our modern app every time they’re on site during year round services. This app will tell you the 4 “W’s”- What, When, Where and Who, taking all the questions out of the equation and giving you peace of mind.


Have you ever felt that your current contractor is supplementing their low snow plowing cost with frequent and unnecessary salt applications to make up for it? Constantly, new customers share with us that they were salted 40-50 times last year. In our eyes, this is unacceptable.

Our staff is Smart About Salt accredited which has them making smart decisions while monitoring sites and allows them to make an educated judgement about when salt is needed. We are also conscious of the cost of salt and that it’s a variable that can quickly exceed your budget. We truly believe that we should be paid only for services that are needed. With this education and attention to the safety of our customers’ sites, we have still never required more than thirty salts in any season over the last 12 years. Over the years, we have managed to save our customers a lot of money because we don’t overcharge on salt applications. Our attention to detail is indicative in the fact that we’ve have never had a slip and fall judgement.

Another very important reason that we don’t have to salt as often is because we use treated salt during every application. Treated salt has a greater impact on hard surfaces. It works at a much lower temperature and also leaves a residue on the ground to help keep water from freezing or bonding to pavement. Because of its greater melting qualities and staying power, it allows us to use less which creates less impact on the environment.

Don’t be fooled by the low plowing price and open salt application costs that some landscaping companies offer. Our winter motto is pay for what you get: great quality and exceptional service, all while staying on budget.

Full Service

How annoying and time consuming is it to have up to five different companies looking after all of your landscaping needs and having to coordinate all of them?

Whether it’s lawn and garden maintenance, irrigation management, fertilizing, fencing and arborist needs- we can do it all! Paramount has multiple divisions in order to keep all of the work professional and under one roof. If it is outside your residence/ business, we do it- just call and ask to speak with a quote specialist to receive a quote.


Have you ever had your condo board complain about the professionalism of the staff or even the shape of the vehicles and machines?

Our staff is in- house trained, fully uniformed, career- oriented and they are mature which will make your board happy with the team that services their property. Our trucks and equipment are new, well maintained and impossible to miss… the board will always know we are there. Complete transparency of what our company represents.


Are you ever worried that your present supplier might not have proper insurance or WSIB coverage?

Paramount believes in full coverage. We carry $10 million liability insurance and have been covered by WSIB continuously since inception.


Did the company show up during the storm and was it in a timely fashion? How would you know unless you were on site?

We believe we have the solution to mainstream problems for winter management services. Our cloud- based application coupled with our third party GPS system, tells the customer when we were on site, what services were performed and keeps a record of individualized property requirements in case they are required at a later date. This union of systems allows us to be fully accountable and guarantee our service levels. We monitor an array of weather channels and updates and our snowline is updated regularly articulating our game plan during the upcoming storm, giving you a weather report of what to expect, and also any pertinent information concerning our timing and service levels. Our winter routes are a maximum of eight hours, therefore we can return to a property up to three times in a 24 hour period for servicing. Our trucks and staff are very visible for safety while on sites.


Your quote comes in for property “A” and it is twice as much as property “B” even though the same contractor quoted it. You’re confused because the properties are the same size. How does this happen?

At Paramount Landscaping, we believe that a square foot of grass is a square foot of grass. It should not matter who owns it, what cars they drive or how much money they have. Our cloud- based application is built to price everyone the same, based on time and square footage. Another way we offer equality and complete transparency to our customers.


What other services do you provide? Why are you a one stop shop?

At Paramount we believe in simplifying your work day by having every service you could need under one roof. We have spent the last 6 years looking for staff with landscaping skills but also with their own unique skill set which helps create a more rounded team. Once hired, we have honed our team members’ skills to perfection with training courses to match our service expectations for our client. Below is a list of services that we offer:

  • Property maintenance services
  • Fertilizing and lawn care
  • Snow removal and ice management services
  • Fencing, decking and wood structures
  • Landscape design and construction
  • Irrigation install and repair
  • Arborist services
  • Garden maintenance and design
  • Tree, shrub and bush pruning
  • Outdoor kitchens and fireplace installation
  • Power washing and graffiti removal
  • Over-seeding/ topdressing/ hydro seeding/ sod installation
  • Mulch installation
  • Pond/ Water feature installation and repair
  • Dog run installation
  • Basketball court installation
  • Driveway and parking lot paving
  • Parking lot painting
  • Pool installation
  • Interlock repair and re-sanding
  • Retaining wall installation
  • Drainage repairs
  • Spring and fall clean ups


Is your team trained and qualified? How does this set you apart from the competition?

Our Team consists of six managers and seven supervisors and between our management staff we have over 130 years’ experience in the landscaping field, with a very unique skill set. Our team can guarantee that you will have a qualified staff member on site at all times. Our qualifications consist of:

  • Business degrees
  • Horticultural degrees
  • ISA Certified Arborist (International Society of Arboriculture)
  • Government Certified Horticulture Technicians
  • Certified Landscape Technician
  • ICPI certified (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute)
  • Smart About Salt accreditations
  • Level 3 Ambulance Technician/ Level C First Aid Trainer


Lawn Maintenance

Garden Maintenance

Arborist Services

Irrigation Systems

Mulch Installation

Power Washing

Graffiti Removal

Core Aeration

Interlock Re-Sanding

Spring/Fall Clean

Top Dress / Over-Seed

Shrub & Hedge Pruning

Sod Removal & Installation

Fence & Deck Installation

Snow Removal

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