Let Us Take On The Worries For You

You have the greatest product or service on the market, but can your property’s landscaping attract the customer to your door?

In today’s busy world, you probably work extremely long hours, keeping your business on top of growth and development. That’s why you should never waste time worrying about your building’s landscape and presentation. Although first impressions mean everything in business, your top priority is meeting the needs of your customers. And that’s our top priority as well. At Paramount, we offer the perfect solution to manage the appearance of your property.

Not only will your lawn look its best, but your parking areas and walkways will be well maintained. We take care of every detail throughout the year, so your gardens will be neat and tidy with a polished, professional look that tells your customers you mean business. Appearance is of utmost importance to us. That’s why we have the cleanest and most advertised trucks and trailers in our market. Even when we’re at your site taking care of your property, we present a professional look that shows you hire the best team to get the job done right. We understood from day one what a difference complete company uniforms with full safety gear makes. That’s why we were the first in the area to take on a polished look that reflects positively on your business. We also have the most customer service-oriented teams in our industry by far. Appearance and presentation are part of the trademark, defining our image and who we are to the core. Our goal is to make sure your business’ appearance and presentation does the same.

Commercial Landscaping And Maintenance Services


Lawn Maintenance

Garden Maintenance

Arborist Services

Irrigation Systems

Mulch Installation

Power Washing

Graffiti Removal

Core Aeration

Interlock Re-Sanding

Spring/Fall Clean

Top Dress / Over-Seed

Shrub & Hedge Pruning

Sod Removal & Installation

Fence & Deck Installation

Snow Removal


At Paramount, our vision is offering our customers a complete service by being multifaceted within the landscape field.

We also realize that as an owner, you need us when you need us – regardless of the time, day or night. We believe in a 24/7 365 service that meets the particular needs of our clients. We know that even when your business is closed, your property continues to speak volumes about your image.

Our senior management team has over 80 years’ experience taking care of commercial buildings in the GTA and surrounding areas. Regardless of what landscaping services your business requires, our team will make sure we can supply everything you need. Our goal is to ultimately save you time and money while keeping your property looking its best. And that’s no exaggeration. We have carefully thought out our services and how we can bring them to your property efficiently and affordably. With proper planning, your property shines while ensuring your parking lot and walkways remain safe and accessible. Our year-round services are designed to make the most of your property from pristine lawns to tidy flower beds and seasonal urns to snow-free winter pathways.

A list of our services is provided below; please read and compare us to your current provider and see how we offer a much more comprehensive return on investment. We are certain you will find everything we do is customized to suit your needs with affordable options and thorough services that don’t miss a thing. Feel free to speak to our team to help develop the ideal maintenance plan to suit your needs.

When it doubt, it just takes a look at the properties we service to see why we have remained the #1 landscape and lawn maintenance company in the Golden Horseshoe for 8 years.

“Our team hired Paramount Landscaping to take care of our office building in Hamilton. We have been using them for the last 2 years and they have been an awesome team to work with. They provide great customer service, awesome quality and a very professional atmosphere, definitely not the norm in their industry. I would recommend they to anyone looking for a yearly property service.”
Derek Carter

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