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Interlock Cleaning Services
Interlocks & Cleaning
Ever wonder why your interlock patios are full of weeds between the cracks? Just like any other part of your property, your interlock requires maintenance. Over the course of a few years, those tiny cracks usually fill with debris and particles allowing weeds to take root and grow. Depending on the amount of traffic and environmental abuse, this service should be done every two to five years.
Our team will power wash the interlock, taking off any stains and removing sand and debris in the cracks.

We will then wait for it to completely dry and apply polymeric sand between each brick to reseal the interlock. This restores the look of your interlock and prevents build up and re-growth of those pesky weeds. Contact us for a free quote to liven up your interlocking brick.

“We recently had our backyard redone with a new patio garden and new sod. Doug and his crew were very professional. They arrived when they said they would and finished, in spite of the terrible rains we had, basically on time. We love our new backyard. We would recommend Paramount Landscaping to anyone.”
Marilyn Crichton

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