Why Are Landscapers Essential?

By Paramount | April 21st, 2020 | Categories: General Category 
Covid 19

We have all been affected by the vast changes that Covid 19 has caused our society in the past few weeks. The changes have influenced all areas of our life. As the uncertainty of the near future continues, many professions, trades and jobs have been deemed as “non-essential” at this time. Landscaping, lawn care and property maintenance were in this boat as well, until recently. A few cities and municipalities have recently announced that landscapers have indeed been deemed as essential.

Why is this?

Firstly, landscapers are in the front line to help with the safety, security and sanitation of properties of the residential, commercial and industrial types. In recent years, ticks and mosquitoes have been hugely problematic, and they thrive in grassy areas or areas that are kept natural. With the viruses that they transmit being on the rise, we take it seriously. Pests such as ticks and mosquitoes, are less likely to create an infestation in shorter grass and better maintained outdoor spaces. This falls under the safety aspect of what landscapers provide.

To pursue security, landscapers keep properties trimmed, clean, and looking taken care of which greatly diminishes the risk of vandalism and crime on that particular property.

And as far as sanitation is concerned- many people don’t realize that the first thing our teams do when they get to a site is thoroughly tidy up. We pick up any garbage that we find on a property and properly dispose of it including broken glass, scrap metal, food scraps etc.

In addition, for the need to maintain the safety, security and sanitation of properties, there’s also municipal by- laws in place stating that grassy areas always need to be kept below 8 inches. As much as this helps with the aesthetic quality of our cities, the reasons behind this goes back to safety, security and sanitation.

Now unfortunately like many other small businesses, plenty of landscapers have had to “close their doors” due to the change in the economy. We are proud to say that Paramount is still thriving and will happily quote your property if you have lost your landscaper to these circumstances. Give us a call, send us an email, reach out to us on social media, fill out a quote request on our website or choose to start a live chat with us today!