While doing a little research on flowers for Easter and spring I came upon this interesting article on Easter lilies.

Here is an interesting snippet: “We can thank Louis Houghton, a WWI soldier who brought a suitcase full of bulbs back home to Oregon from Ryukyu, Japan, in 1919. He shared them with friends, who shared them with others throughout the state, and eventually they grew their way down the coast. In the 1940s, some of those growers saw a business opportunity and began selling what they called “white gold.” The rest, as they say, is history.”

What interested me about this particular article was regarding planting them as part of your garden.

“Although many people enjoy their gift lilies indoors until the blossoms fade and then throw them away like stale Peeps, they certainly can be planted in the garden, where they can be enjoyed for years to come. Because forced plants spend all their energy on a one-time bloom, they won’t bloom again the first summer, but will usually come back and perform well in future years with proper care.”

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