What is Involved in your Spring Cleanup?

By Paramount | April 23rd, 2020 | Categories: General Category 
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Every April, weather cooperating of course, our property maintenance teams are out performing spring clean ups. Spring cleanups are an integral first step of looking after a property before the summer season begins. They are instrumental in setting up the base for the service teams to follow throughout the season. If a property hasn’t had a spring cleanup and we start maintaining it, our team will not perform a spring clean up when they are there for weekly maintenance. A property will only be maintained how it began the season. For instance, if we provide your spring clean up, our property maintenance teams will maintain it to this standard throughout the season- as long as the services are in the contract for your property. For example, gardening and pruning throughout the season are additional services that can be added on to a basic package. However, if your property has not had a cleanup and we arrive to start cutting the grass and maintaining the gardens weekly, we are not responsible for getting your property “up to code”- it will be maintained at the level in which it began.

Although we complete fall cleanups before the winter season, there is quite often some debris such as leaves, sticks, dead plants etc. that is on the lawn and garden in the spring. Our teams rake, blow and tidy up lawns and gardens (and dispose of the debris) so that they look and do their best in the upcoming season. Of course, any garbage will be cleaned up as well which is quite often the case on commercial and industrial sites. Parking lots and driveways are also tidied as well.

Next, our trained teams will edge and cultivate your gardens, remove old annuals, trim and prune any shrubs, bushes or grasses and dispose of them. Your property will be left looking refreshed and ready for its’ first cut of the season, which takes place in the first week of May.

Our cutting season is roughly 26 weeks long. The weather and how it affects the growth rate of grass is the determining factor here. One of our property maintenance teams will plan to be there on the same day every week. However, occasionally weather or other circumstances may interfere with our plan to be there on the same day and in this case, they will be there the day before or after your scheduled day to ensure you are visited each week. At the end of the season, our team will be returning, quite often numerous times, to perform the fall cleanup. This is a different service than the spring clean up because we are making sure debris is removed and plants and shrubs are ready for the winter season.