What Happens To Your Fall Yard Waste?

By Nick | November 22nd, 2020 | Categories: General Category 
fallen leaves in garden

You probably wouldn’t believe how much yard waste we collect from our properties during these few weeks of fall cleanups. Most trees drop their leaves during October and November so that, combined with pinecones, pine needles and twigs make the bulk of the weight that we clean up from your property during your fall clean up. Residential properties that have a lot of mature trees tend to produce a lot of yard waste, as do condominiums, complexes, plazas and commercial buildings. Our teams come back to our shop every day with dozens of trailerfuls of leaves and other yard waste. In fact, we estimate that we collect at least 200 tonnes of fall yard waste per year. That’s the equivalent to the weight of 100 cars.

So, the question “What happens to all the leaves and yard waste?” comes to mind. Well, we don’t know if any other landscaper does this but we have a special technique. We spread the collected leaves and fall yard waste over a field and turn it, transforming it into compost over time. It takes a few years but eventually the compost turns back into a highly nutritious soil that’s brimming with minerals. This is the kind of soil that is an excellent base for any garden.

You can create this cycle if you have the outdoor space too. Many yard compost bins are available for purchase if you wish to create your own “power” soil.