Upgrading Your Property

By Nick | September 20th, 2021 | Categories: Creative 
Seating area with outdoor furniture.

With summer winding down, we’ve all spent a lot of time outdoors. As with any space, time spent within it can easily draw attention to areas needing improvement. If a full season living in your backyard has you ready to spruce up your garden, patio or deck, we’ve compiled a fun list of ideas that can easily and quickly take your outdoor space up a notch and keep things fun and fresh.


Strategically-placed outdoor lighting is one of the easiest but most cost-effective ways to enhance a property. Whether the purpose is safety, aesthetics, accessibility or even security, lighting can make all the difference. Just minimal installation can have a large impact, setting a beautiful, restful, even romantic feel. Garden lighting adds character and elongates the time you can spend outdoors each evening, which adds greater value as the days naturally shorten in the autumn months. Guests too will appreciate the illumination as they navigate stairs and patio edges with ease and safety. While there are plenty of options that you can choose from, having a qualified landscaping company come to visit will give you a wide range of ideas and innovative options. Choices in location and mounting (path, step, fence, ceiling, wall, post, hardscape), fixture type (timer, motion, portable, fixed, adjustable) and installation access (conduit, hardwire, transformer, remote) leave much to be considered and decided upon.


The power and beauty of water is immense. With correction position, installation and accompaniments, a quality water feature can significantly improve the ambiance of an outdoor area. The resulting sounds of water flowing improves mood, incites calm and soothes the busy modern mind. Ponds are a beautiful option and offer a show stopping centre piece. They often attract lovely species of wildlife, birds and butterflies that add life and interest into the garden. A qualified landscaper can help you to plan out and install a pond that best suits your space. If you are looking for smaller options, there are many pond-less additions that don’t require a large footprint. Lost and underused little corners or nooks of a backyard can be highlighted and put on full display with a unique and well-chosen water feature.


A hot trend that seems to be increasing in popularity is the wood fired pizza oven. The obvious and overwhelming benefit of which is delicious pizza! While we could go on and on about how you’ll undoubtedly be the most popular people on the block, because, well… PIZZA, we’ll try to contain ourselves and speak to the other benefits of this backyard amenity. Outdoor ovens and kitchen spaces set a natural gathering place for guests and friends. The same way people tend to congregate in the indoor kitchen, outdoor cooking spaces naturally bring people together. While the cost of this option can quickly escalate, the investment pays off for years and certainly acts as a huge return with resale. Modern conveniences such as cooking elements, sinks, dishwashers and storage spaces can be of real value and double your living space. With the bonus of customization options, outdoor kitchens are a perfect way to lend your personal style and up your entertaining capabilities.


What better way to add personality, colour and luxury to a space than through flowers and plant life? While in ground installs stand alone in their benefit and beauty. Potted plants offer spotlighted focal points. For a small investment, well-made options are available in an unlimited range of colours, materials, shapes and sizes. Keep in mind that plants require ample root space and stability from wind and inclement weather, so larger scale containers may be a better fit. Whether you prefer galvanized, copper, wooden, steel or terracotta pots, high quality pays off in its lasting ability. Give good consideration to location prior to install as once filled, they are difficult to move. Additionally, some will require winter care or removal.


While simple, décor changes are cost effective, fun and easy ways to change the look of a patio, deck or sitting area. Larger scale ideas can include replacing older worn out deck spindles with new rod iron versions, glass inserts or wire rope styles. Pergolas, arbours and gazebos create shaded sitting areas that can stand alone or be an extension of the home. Professional installation guarantees safety and longevity of this scale of project. New dining sets and seating areas are a real way to insert your personality and preferred style to the space. Investment here is key as quality pays off over time since weather and sun exposure can quickly fade and effect the look. Speaker systems instill atmosphere and offer entertaining elements for yourself and guests alike. Hardwired systems and speakers can easily be installed by reputable landscapers. If cost is a concern then turn your attention to smaller but still key elements such as throw cushions, side tables, wall hangings, sun shades or umbrellas.


While the options are many and varied, consulting a professional landscape design company can help narrow down the choices to the options and budget that best suits you and your vision. Paramount Landscaping can offer that peace of mind and ease your work load by overseeing the project from start to beautiful lasting finish.