Seven Years and Counting!

By Nick | January 30th, 2024 | Categories: General Category 
Consumer Choice Award

Beginning in 1987, the Consumer Choice Award has gathered the opinions, perceptions, and expectations of businesses across Canada. Their award winners are selected through a very extensive and thorough process done by a third-party research firm to ensure that only the most outstanding service industry businesses are recognized as Consumer Choice Award winners.

Paramount Landscaping, founded in 2005 by local entrepreneur Doug Dolson has just won for the seventh year in a row. Doug founded Paramount in hopes to provide quality and honest lawn maintenance and construction services to the GTA. Doug found a pressing issue within the industry, one that faces many property managers and homeowners, and that was accountability.

Accountability is so important to a landscape contractors’ reputation and the overall satisfaction they will receive from clients. Property managers and homeowners have so many things to worry about daily, and many do not wish to spend the time looking for and vetting multiple different contractors every season. Even after finding the landscape company they believe is the best fit, they do not want to worry about the quality of service they’re receiving.

With an extensive history in awards such as the Consumers’ Choice Award, Readers’ Choice Award, being Baumler Approved and many other recognitions, you can be assured that Paramount will be there for you whenever your lawn, garden or desire for that fancy new pool arise!