Selling the Dream: Why Realtors Need Landscapers

By Nick | July 14th, 2023 | Categories: Educational 
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If you’re a real estate agent in the GTA, or anywhere for that matter, and aren’t utilizing the professional services of a landscaping company; what are you doing? Selling a home can be difficult, even in this market. The struggle of perfectly furnished homes, successful showings and promising clients makes the use of Paramount’s landscape experts that much more important. Improving the properties, you are selling by elevating their curb appeal is a major step in commanding attention towards your sale.

Upgrade the Property

While many real estate professionals focus on staging the home’s interior, it’s what’s on the outside that initially draws potential buyers in for a closer look. Professional landscapers do more than just cut grass. They’ll also tend to flower beds, plant native vegetation that transforms the year, trim, and prune trees, and ensure the grounds look their best.

Improve Energy-Efficiency

Homeowners are more concerned than ever about reducing their carbon footprint. Anything you can do to save a potential buyer money by lowering energy use is bound to appeal to them. Landscapers can create shaded spots around the house by strategically planting trees and arrange shrubs in ways to minimize wind both today and in the future. Buyers will rely less on their heating and cooling systems when the home is safeguarded this way, reducing energy consumption and associated costs.

Increased Profit

Studies have shown a quality landscape job done on a property on the market can increase the sale price by 15%, thus increasing a realtor’s commission. Fronting the cost of landscape work will turn to be a great decision when you bank a higher profit on the final sale price, making everyone happy!

Promote Long-Term Ownership

When prospective buyers tour real estate, they often look at the home with a vision of the future. They try to imagine themselves living there, raising a family, and aging in the pace. The presence of a well-landscaped yard helps capture aesthetic, lending the home a warm and inviting appearance.

Buyers want to take pride in their home. A properly manicured yard complete with young trees that will grow through the years, lush green grass that will thrive every summer, and colourful flowers that will bloom year-round is sure to make an impact.