Reasons why you should hire Paramount Landscaping, Hamilton & Halton’s #1 Landscape and Lawn Care Supply Company 7 Years Running!


1) SAVING TIME: We are all leading very busy lives and want to have more family time. By hiring Paramount Landscaping you can take the time back for the precious moments.

2) EXPERTISE: By Hiring Paramount Landscaping for Lawn Care, Construction, Gardening Requirements you will be receiving 125+ Years of experience by the employees from our company!

3) COST: Lawn care companies subsidize the overhead with the volume of work they provide to numerous customers. In other words, because your machine is only supplying the workload for one property we can spread that cost across hundreds of lawns the we maintain. It can be expensive for you to purchase and maintainprofessional grade equipment and supplies for your property which is sometimes an oversight when comparing our quotes to your presumed costs and not actual costs, (Stealing from Peter to pay Paul analogy).

4) LIABILITY: Any good lawn maintenance contractor will be licensed and insured, meaning you won’t have to worry about liability on your site. Best piece of advice make sure the company you hire has liability insurance,WSIB and has trained there employees how to use the machines and proper safety. Paramount Landscapingproactively does all of the above and we take pride in safety and protection of all customers properties.

5) REFERENCES: Please ask us for References, Paramount Landscaping has hundreds of customers that are willing to provide information on the services that we have provided over the years.

6) CERTIFIED: Certification is also important and, whenever you ask to see the certification of a particular lawn care provider, you need to be sure it’s the real deal. The reality is that only some 30 per cent of all lawn maintenance professionals are rigorously tested before receiving their certification. With that in mind, it’s always a good idea to investigate the organization that has awarded them the certificate in question and find out whether the certification means more than just paid membership to an organization.

7) ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FLORA: A certified lawn care professional has got the requisite know-how to tell apart numerous different species of plants, grass, and trees. They know all about local plants, as well as about imported ones and they are quick to impart that knowledge. It’s all but impossible for a non-professional such as yourself to learn all there is to learn about good lawn care. That’s what professionals are for: educating you, so that you can spend your time dealing with more important things, such as your job and your loved ones. Don’t hesitate to ask our Management Team at Paramount Landscaping any questions about your grass, plants, construction (patio, walkway, mulch). We’d be more than happy to answer you.

8) ABLE TO RESTORE BEAUTY & HEALTH OF YOUR LAWN & LANDSCAPE: Certified, professional lawn care technicians are able to accurately differentiate between the plethora of diseases and pests that plague lawns, trees, and plants. They’re up-to-speed on all the latest planting and transplanting techniques in horticulture. They know how to treat a damaged lawn back to health and are also informed on tree maintenance and preservation.

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