We LOVE ornamental grasses! There are such a variety of them to choose from and in general, they are relatively drought resistant plants. Grasses are a great addition to a garden which add a simple, yet elegant and sophisticated look. There are dozens to choose from but our preferred choices are Redheads, Orange Flames and Huron Sunrises. Grasses will do well in partial sun, meaning that if they’re in a shady spot most of the day they’ll still thrive.

2. Daylilies

Most people want to have some sort of flowering plant in their garden and we’ve found that daylilies are one of the easiest and nicest. If planted while they’re still young, daylillies resemble a short grass. One daylily plant can bloom for weeks or even months during the spring and summer even though each blossom only lives for one day-as the name daylily confirms. They will still do well even if you forget to water them every few days which makes them an easy-to-care for flower.

3. Ferns

Did you know that the delicious fiddleheads that are available in the spring are from a type of fern? Apart from being really tasty, these hardy plants have no problem taking root and blossoming into beautiful additions to any garden. Though there are some that are more common than others in our area, there are literally thousands of ferns to choose from. Ferns are well equipped for the cold of the winter or the heat of the summer and can do extremely well in the shade.

4. Hostas

Hostas tend to be a favourite perennial among all gardeners. They are very common and there are many types to choose from at local nurseries. Although they are known as shade lovers, in actuality the variegated type can handle more sun than the non- variegated. Hostas are another drought tolerant plant which makes them quite easy to upkeep for the busy family. Our favourites are Big Daddys, Night Before Christmas, and Patriot Fortuneis.

5. Heucheras/ Coral Bells

These pretty little perennials come in a variety of colours and their tiny, bell-like flowers attract hummingbirds. Although they require a lot of sun (full sun to partial shade) too much sun and heat can wash out their vibrant colours. A few different types such as the Autumn Leaves variety, changes colour throughout the seasons which is a welcome change to the garden. Heucheras do well at the edges of gardens or in a natural garden as they grow low to the ground and have a bush- like shape.