Whenever I go to HomeSense, Home Outfitters or Pier 1 Imports this time of year, I fall in love with all of the beautiful autumn decorations. But they can be awfully pricey, so why not make your own Fall décor?

One simple idea I love is to purchase some cheap candles in different sizes from the dollar store or Walmart. Then get a few pumpkins in different sizes to roughly match the height of the candles. Carve out the middle of the pumpkins in a cylinder shape and place the candles inside the pumpkins. If the holes are a little bit too big you can wrap some ribbon around the top or stick some pretty coloured leaves around the outside.

Another simple idea is to get a decorative glass bowl and fill it with water. Pick a variety of brightly coloured leaves and wash them off so they are as clean as can be. Place them on top of the water in the bowl. You can also pick some wild ornamental grasses and do the same with them. Flower heads and cranberries are things that float as well!  Lastly, to be even more creative, put some coloured glass stones in the bottom of the bowl or some floating candles to go with the leaves.

A few more DIY ideas that we found are on this website. Check them out!