Doing Your Part: The Environmental Benefits of Landscaping

By Nick | July 11th, 2023 | Categories: Landscaping Tips 
Illustration of a green environment.

In 2023, our planet needs all the help it can get if we hope to leave it a better place than we found it for our children and generations to come. You may feel like you cannot make a difference, but if everyone used landscaping’s environmental benefits, our planet would reap the benefits. In this blog post, Paramount’s experts will provide some of the benefits to our landscaping services, in hopes we can do our part in making our world a better place.

CO2 Reduction and Oxygen Production

Studies have shown that just a single tree can remove such as 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year. That is the equivalent to 18,000 kilometres of car emissions! Trees provide an ample amount of oxygen that humans require to live, but 70% of the world’s oxygen supply comes from plant-like organisms. Any greenery added to your property is extremely beneficial.

Noise Reduction

Properly placed trees can act as a natural barrier to sound and help unwanted noise pollution. In addition, the wildlife attracted inevitable makes its own noises, which can make any other nearby sounds. If you’re looking for a quiet place to live, but don’t have dreams of moving into the middle of nowhere, landscaping can help you find piece inner city.

Cost Savings

Trees strategically placed throughout your property can provide natural shade from the sun. As our summers keep getting hotter, people turn to any solution they can find in terms of staying cool, but don’t want the shock of a massive electrical bill at the end of the month. When Dad won’t let you turn the A/C on, you’ll be happy you have those trees to block the sun! Although cost savings may not seem to have as many environmental benefits as some of the other points made in this blog post, we think you deserve a reward for doing your part in helping the planet. According to a study done by the First Energy Group, the proper placement of only three trees can reduce a household’s cooling costs by 25%. Having the actual air conditioner unit shaded by a tree can increase its efficiency by as much as 10%. On average, a well-designed landscape provides enough energy savings to return your initial investment in less than 8 years, even quicker if you’re in the market of selling your home.

Our planet’s health is extremely important to our wellbeing, as it is our home after all. There are many things you can do to make a difference, and Paramount can handle all the groundwork in your efforts to improve your environmental footprint. There are also financial benefits that come with a fresh landscape as well. There is lots to be done in the pursuit of environmental health, and Paramount is here to help get it done!

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