Burlington Readers’ Choice Awards

By Nick | March 22nd, 2024 | Categories: General Category 
Burlington Readers’ Choice Awards

Paramount Landscaping was founded in 2005 on the idea that landscaping and

construction should be offered at only the highest level of quality. As a company, we ensure the

bar we have set for ourselves is met each and every time we step foot onto your property by

the level of customer service and overall accountability we provide.


Our customer service department is operated 24/7, as we know that your day does not end at

5 p.m, so ours doesn’t either. Paramount also provides a unique program within the industry; a

program that allows the property owner to observe what services were provided and details

our teams noticed on your property during your service. 


Since we put so much time and effort into making our customers feel as though they are

getting what they pay for, it’s always a pleasure to be recognized for outstanding

craftsmanship, accountability, and customer service. It is even more of an honour when this

recognition comes from voters within the community.


That being said, Paramount Landscaping has won the Diamond Readers’ Choice Award for

both Best Landscaping Company, and Best Lawn Care Service categories. We have been

lucky enough to receive this award again in 2024, and will look to strive towards winning it

again in 2025!


We want to thank everyone that took the time to vote, and if this is your first time coming

across Paramount, we would love if you took the time to check out our past projects by

clicking here.