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By Nick | April 11th, 2021 | Categories: General Category 
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The events of the last year seem to have brought us all to the same place… Home. Whether because of government mandates, lockdowns, work from home opportunities or school closures, our homes have become the place where everything happens, and everyone is.
This has greatly increased the value we place on our residences. More than ever before we are investing in where we live, finding ways to make it truly our own. Walls are being knocked down, carpet is coming up, basements are becoming rec rooms and closets are being expanded at dizzying rates. But perhaps the most precious of spaces, have no walls or doors at all…. Our properties and outdoor areas hold an even closer spot to our hearts. While restrictions severely limit inside association, outside allows for more gatherings and a great number of gatherers.

Living in Canada and it’s northern climate, Winter keeps us indoors longer than we already would like, limiting our access to valuable time in nature. The resulting shortened season becomes even more highly regarded and sought after. Add to that, the CoVid Pandemic and stay-at-home orders, we are all longing ever more so for a vacation-worthy spot and outdoor oasis just outside our patio doors.
Professional Property Maintenance can make this dream a reality. With skilled crews, years of experience and know how, a qualified landscape company works together with you to create a customized plan for your green space to shine all season long. What does this entail?

Below is a list of some of the key services that can be included:

Detailed Spring Clean Ups


Tree, plant and shrub trimming, pruning, garden bed preparation, lawn detaching, aerating, mulch installation

Regular Property Care

Mowing, trimming, blowing, flowerbed weeding, bush and shrub installation and manicuring, garden edging

Lawn Maintenance

Fertilizing, weed prevention, diamond style mowing, top dressing, over seeding, lawn rolling

Fall Clean Ups

Raking, leaf collection, garden trimming, blowing, lawn feeding, plant protection

During the pandemic, constant closures and lockdowns have asked much of our time and headspace. Some of us have had to take on home schooling and / or elder care. The simple act of grocery shopping can take hours longer than it did before. We’ve had to manage our own home repairs, cook meals morning, noon and night and find innovative ways to stay connect to the people that matter most to us…
Instead of adding another thing to the ever mounting to-do list, why not leave the care, safety and development of your property to the professionals? Picture it, a long day on video conferencing ends. The children are getting restless. You open the back door to usher in the warm evening air… and there, your fresh cut emerald green lawn shines. Offering a plush back drop to manicured trees standing tall against beautiful artisan style fencing. Thick mulch beds with clean defined edging provide a stark contrast to the bright red, pink and yellow blooms flowering throughout the garden beds. With nary a weed in sight, you take in the beauty of this space. Your space. After firing up the barbeque and smells of quintessential Summer time dining fill the air, you take a much needed rest with favorite drink in hand and watch as the kids play and burn off pent up energy. That feeling, that escape, that days end de-stress, cannot be underestimated in it’s value and worth.

We at Paramount Landscaping believe in the beauty of the outdoors and the benefits of enjoying them to the full. We are dedicated to making the properties we manage stand out and our homeowners stand proud. Let our well trained, fully equipped, expert staff take the guess work and labour out of keeping your property looking its best.

As much as we have all loved improving our do-it-yourself skills, somethings just require and excel under professional care. Real Estate agents will quickly tell you, curb appeal is one of the many key factors in attracting buyers. If you are thinking of taking advantage of the market in the months ahead, a small investment now in your home’s outward appearance can have huge return when listing it for sale. Paramount Landscaping can help you design, plan and execute such a venture from beginning to end. Knowing which materials, layout and composition would best suit your home and neighbourhood.

Check out our contact page for information on how to get your own personalized, no obligation quote. Peruse the different options displayed in the extensive photo gallery. We are still booking for the Spring Clean Up program and have limited spots available. Call today and enjoy the satisfaction of home owner pride that comes from a clean, well-manicured and expertly styled property and the personal oasis for you and your family to make the most of, not only this year… but for many to come.