The Birdhouse Foundation

What started out innocently as a father and son project has evolved into an inspiring story of giving back to ones’ own community.

As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and Tim and Connor Withers lend new meaning to the age old idiom. The two were out “treasure hunting” this summer on garbage night and stumbled upon a pile of wood scraps. Sensing that the scraps had potential, they loaded the scraps into the back of their car and headed home trying to think of what they might be able to do with their new found treasure.

After careful consideration, Tim and Connor decided to use the wood scraps to build bird houses. They built one, then a second, then a third. They built ten bird houses in all. What they hadn’t stopped to consider was what they were going to do with ten bird houses. Being the entrepreneurial sort that they are, Tim and his wife Christa set Connor up with a bird house sale stand in their front yard. To their delight, Connor sold every one of the ten bird houses that he and his dad had spent long hours building and earned $200.

The family tried to decide how best to use their unexpected windfall. They opted to donate the funds to charity and chose the Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital in Burlington, Greater Toronto Area to be the recipient of their gift.

Paramount Landscaping decided to join this cause and help the Birdhouse Foundation by donating over $1000.00 to this charity and also helped promote the sale of the birdhouses. Check out this great cause on Facebook and you’ll see the amazing work that this little boy and his family have accomplished.