Polar Bear Dip

Paramount Landscaping has been supporting this cause longer than any other charity work we have participated in. Some people ask why the Polar Bear dip, well to be frank why not. With our job description being as it is in the winter months, you could say that we’re used to the cold. We literally jumped at the idea of getting into minus degree water to help give countries around the world fresh drinking water that we take for granted. So what is the Polar Bear Dip, you ask?

On New Years Day every year, hundreds of people gather in Oakville and run into the icy cold waters of Lake Greater Toronto Area, while thousands watch and cheer them on. Some show up for the incredible, adrenaline pumping atmosphere, some want to try something a little over the edge to ring in the New Year and others just want to get their faces and crazy costumes in the local and national media. No matter what brings them to Coronation Park on January 1st, each dipper is helping raise funds for a great cause.

Net proceeds from the Courage Polar Bear Dip have been given to World Vision Canada since 1995. In that time over $1,596,000 has been raised and has funded clean water projects around the world. We were Silver corporate sponsors between our donation and our staff donations we recently raised nearly $2000 towards the project. Very sadly, the most recent Polar Bear Dip had to be cancelled due to ice formation on near the site of the challenge which left us quite disappointed.

See some Videos below: