Autism Greater Toronto Area

Autism Greater Toronto Area is a charitable organization that relies on generous donations to continue delivering its programs and services. The organization sent us a letter stating “Your support of our work here at Autism Greater Toronto Area makes you a champion, not only of ASD in general, but of the thousands of individuals and families we support in the province of Greater Toronto Area.” Our first involvement with Autism Greater Toronto Area was when The Halton Tactical Response Unit held a fundraiser where they had live bands and silent auctions to raise money. We decided that a silent auction prize of Property Maintenance for a year would be a great donation to the cause so we donated a prize of $1500 dollars to be used towards lawn and property maintenance. We were proud to learn that the final bid was a high amount and we were delighted to perform the work for this lucky individual knowing that the money went to such a great cause.

If you would like to donate to this foundation visit: