25 07, 2020

Types of Organic Mulch

Mulch is becoming the most popular option for gardens the past few years and for many reasons. Not only does it look appealing, but when a thick layer of mulch is applied to a garden,

19 01, 2018

Thinking of Pruning?

Thinking of Pruning? The most important thing you should know, before we discuss pruning techniques is: if you’re not confident in your ability to prune properly, than you shouldn’t prune at all. Improper pruning can wreck

19 01, 2018

The Goal? Greener Grass!

The Goal? Greener Grass! Most people enjoy having a lush, green lawn. If we just leave it to nature and don’t take extra care in July and August, the result is usually a yellow, dried-

19 01, 2018

What Makes Weather?

What Makes Weather? After the bizarre past few months of winter weather, from mild to freezing cold, blizzard-like conditions, we wondered if people really knew what was behind this crazy winter weather. The moon has

19 01, 2018

Drainage Problems?

Drainage Problems? I run into this quite a bit and the solutions range from minor to major. I saw this article and it gives a pretty good overview of whats involved from rain barrels to