Spring and Fall Cleanup Services in the Greater Toronto Area

Spring & Fall Cleanup Services
Fall Cleanup
Spring Cleanup
It is extremely important to understand that how your yard looks throughout the season is dependent on the initial clean up at the beginning of the season. This is because our maintenance service is designed to maintain the current state of your gardens and landscape in general.
The spring clean-up sets the tone for the rest of the year and starts the growing season off right.

Basic services performed in a spring clean-up include: debris removal, garden preparation (edging, weeding and cultivating or turning the mulch), and pruning hedges, bushes or ornamental grasses. Removing all winter debris cleans up the yard and removes any decaying material that may be harboring pathogens and pests which could be harmful to your plant life. Contact us today to book in your spring clean up and have your property in tip top shape for the summer.

Just like you would tidy and close up your cottage for the winter season, a fall clean up is a necessary service to tidy up your property before the winter. Our team will perform weekly clean ups before their scheduled grass maintenance. In the weeks subsequent to the last mowing (end of October) and after the majority of your leaves have dropped, our maintenance team will be conducting fall clean-ups.
The main focus of this final clean-up is to clear lawns and gardens of debris and litter and prepare the grass and gardens for a long winter.

Decomposing plant material can be a haven for insect eggs, fungi and plant diseases, allowing them to take hold in your yard and attack your lawn and plants in the spring. We can also prepare your trees and shrubs for cold conditions by pruning and removing dead twigs and branches, as well as burlap wrapping as needed, which prevents damage caused by heavy snow. Contact us today to prepare your lawn and gardens for the cold of the winter.

“I’ve often thought when I see glowing testimonial remarks on a website that they must surely have been written by the website owner. After dealing with Doug of Paramount Landscaping I now know that the words of praise for this company are truthful and deserved! From the very first meeting, to the most recent work on my property – the actions of Paramount Landscaping have been of the highest calibre, in the friendliest manner, and at the fairest of prices. As a senior who can no longer do the work that is required on my small property I have been more than pleased with the service I have received. Thank you Paramount.”
P. Inward, Oakville, The Greater Toronto Area

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