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Compaction is the process in which your lawn and the soil beneath it becomes more and more compressed. This occurs naturally over time and also due to a lot of traffic.
Compaction is a direct result and a reduction in the amount of oxygen contained in the soil which prevents the movement of nutrients to the roots of the grass.

Eventually the lawn thins until, ultimately, the soil can no longer support any growth.

Aerating is a process of punching 3 inch holes in your lawn with a tool that removes small plugs of soil to allow a better flow of air, water and nutrients to the roots of the grass. This stimulates root growth and prevents thatch build-up.
Core aeration creates healthy roots and thicker, more beautiful lawns.

Lawns should be aerated at least once a year, especially if your soil is heavily compacted or consists of clay. Over-seeding after aeration is important, as the holes left are perfect places for grass seed to germinate, thickening up the lawn. The aeration holes also hold moisture for better seed germination. This is the most important step you can take yearly to help keep your lawn healthy and looking beautiful.

It improves the appearance of your lawn by relieving compaction, breaking up thatch, providing free topsoil, drought protection, new turf growth, fertilizer absorption, and overall, property value. This application is best done in early fall and if necessary can be done in the early spring. Contact us for a free quote to aerate your lawn.

“As a new resident to the area, I have to say how ecstatic I am with the service provided by Paramount.  We have used them for several jobs since we moved in, from weekly lawn and garden maintenance to hot tub pad pouring and patio stones.    If I had an issue the team was out within 24 hours and corrected it.  They spent hours cleaning up and even re-laid sod to fix an area prior to my company arriving for the weekend. True to their word every time.  They have spent hours at my property and have done a superior job trying to get it to where we want it.  I would highly recommend them from my experience.  5 stars all the way in my view.”
Renee Serrao

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