Commercial Snow Removal Services in the Golden Horseshoe

Commercial Snow Removal Services
Commercial Snow Removal
Commercial Snow Removal in GTA

Our Commercial and multi- residential snow service teams are year-round staff members within our company.

Our team is fully trained in snow and ice management and are trained operators by the SAS (Smart About Salt) program.

You and your visitors’ safety are our number one priority, which is why we have become one of the most sought-after companies in the area for snow maintenance. Using information from numerous weather and radar tracking programs, our team is strategizing while they watch and prepare for storms, days before the occurrence. We thought it was integral to think outside the box on how the industry was running snow maintenance and we saw two major worries that everyone had become accustomed too. One was to build shorter, more compact routes and the other was service times were not acceptable or based around the customer’s individual needs.

Customer Accountability Program

Paramount’s CAP (Customer Accountability Program) works for both you and our service staff.

It will update you about what our team is tracking for weather hours before the storm.

It updates you with our planning and projected service times and lastly, it provides you with real time reports detailing when our team was on site and what services they performed, along with completion times for insurance reasons and peace of mind. As a company, we wanted to make sure you had maximum coverage, so we carry $10 million comprehensive general liability insurance for all our customers.

Our CAP is very beneficial for our staff also, it provides them with the addresses and site diagrams of all our customers and service areas are colour coordinated on every site. It also has an employee notification for each site when he/ she clocks in and out and it provides live information that may be relevant regarding the site, customer requests and so on. This program was built with the intention of not having anything slip through the cracks in our fast-paced trade.

We are the premier snow removal specialists for both commercial and multi- residential properties. Contact us to speak with a snow advisor and have your property safely looked after during the winter.

Our driver’s routes are 6 hours long or less and begin once our weather monitoring team has a strategy for the storm and there is 5 cm of snow on the ground.

We don’t focus on a standard time of service like our competitors; our goal is to service you when you need us most- before the morning and evening commute.

This makes sure you can get out of your residence and into your workplace and visa-versa. Our minimized scheduling allows for more visits to a property in a 24-hour period than our competition.

Snow maintenance requires the right equipment to perform the work that you require. At Paramount we have trucks, loaders, bobcats, tractors, sidewalk machines and numerous salter equipment to accommodate your needs. All our equipment is GPS monitored and our weather team coordinates the trucks and crews from our head office in real-time via our monitoring system. We also have the ability to report the amount of salt spread on a property for insurance reasons, based on a calibration sensor system hooked up to the salt trucks. This system is live and watched by our monitoring team.

“After using several different Landscaping companies over the last dozen or so years we have finally found
the right one in Paramount Landscaping. This company is definitely “A cut above the rest”. Not only have they
done what they said they would do in their contract, but have gone out of their way by doing those small
things that make them truly professionals. We are extremely satisfied with the service they give us and expect
they will be looking after our property for many years to come.”
Joy and Ken Watling, Burlington, The Greater Toronto Area

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