25 Jul
Mulch in a landscaped area.

Types of Organic Mulch

Mulch is becoming the most popular option for gardens the past few years and for many reasons. Not only does it look appealing, but when a thick layer of mulch is applied to a...

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07 Jul
Image highlighting what sets the landscaping service apart.

What Sets Paramount Landscaping Apart?

Here are our Top Ten! Our multifaceted Landscaping Company is so proud! See why you should consider hiring Paramount Landscaping- Hamilton and Halton’s #1 Landscape and Lawn...

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29 Jun
baeumler approved logo

What does it take to be Baeumler approved?

If you’ve watched home improvement shows on television, the name Bryan Baeumler might ring a bell. Bryan has created a free resource for home owners (and business owners) to...

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22 May
toy poodle

Yellow Grass?

Do you suffer from yellow spots on your lawn due to dog urine? The reason for this is because dogs are carnivores. They have high levels of nitrogen in their urine as a byproduct...

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07 May
diverse garden

Annuals Versus Perennials

We all know (well maybe not all of us) that annuals only last one season and perennials come back every year. But what are the other differences between them? If you are hoping...

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23 Apr
beautiful outdoor space

What is Involved in your Spring Cleanup?

Every April, weather cooperating of course, our property maintenance teams are out performing spring clean ups. Spring cleanups are an integral first step of looking after a...

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21 Apr
Covid 19

Why Are Landscapers Essential?

We have all been affected by the vast changes that Covid 19 has caused our society in the past few weeks. The changes have influenced all areas of our life. As the uncertainty of...

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10 Jan
Outdoor scene with trees and a pond.

The Methods of De-icing

There are a variety of methods of salt applications and types of de-icing during the winter months. Many people think that when a driveway or roadway is plowed, it will “turn...

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25 Sep
fallen leaves

Readying Your Lawn & Garden For Winter

Many people don’t put too much thought into getting their gardens and lawns ready for the winter. You may rake up the leaves after they’ve fallen, but are you giving your...

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19 Jan
pruning tree

Thinking of Pruning?

The most important thing you should know, before we discuss pruning techniques is: if you’re not confident in your ability to prune properly, than you shouldn’t prune at...

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