Fall Essentials for Your Garden

By Paramount Landscaping | October 3rd, 2023 | Categories: General Category 
Fall Essentials for Your Garden

As summer transitions to fall, your garden undergoes its own transformation. While the vibrant blooms of spring and the lush greenery of summer begins to fade, the fall season offers its unique charm. With the right care and attention, your garden can flourish in a new way during this colourful season. In this blog, I will help you explore some essential tasks and tips to ensure your garden thrives during the fall.

Clean Up and Prune

I cannot stress this enough, before you dive into fall planning, it’s crucial to tidy up your garden! Remove any spent annuals and trim back perennials that have finished flowering. This not only enhances your garden’s appearance but also prevents diseases from overwintering in dead plant material.

Plant Fall Flowers

One of the best ways to keep your garden vibrant during the season is by planting fall-blooming flowers. Some of our favourite candidates include chrysanthemums, asters, and pansies. These flowers add pops of colour and can thrive in cooler temperatures.

Consider Bulbs for Spring

Planning is always a good idea, and you will thank yourself (and me), if you plant spring-blooming bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, and crocuses ahead of time. Whether you DIY it, or Paramount plants these beautiful flowers, you’ll be rewarded with a burst of colour when spring arrives.

Mulch Your Beds

Applying a layer of mulch to your garden beds has several benefits. It helps retain soil moisture, regulates soil temperature, and suppresses weeds. Additionally, mulch adds a neat and tidy look to your garden. This is a great way to bring everything together and provide more pop to your already colourful garden – with a dark base for them to bloom from.

Fertilize Carefully

While it’s essential to nourish your plants, be mindful of over-fertilizing during the fall. I have personally found hiring a professional to fertilize your garden is the best way to go. On a set schedule, Paramount comes by and provides your plants the care they need, not too much or too little.

Protect Tender Plants

As temperatures drop, some plants may need protection from frost. Cover delicate flowers and shrubs with frost cloth or burlap to shield them from freezing temperatures. Remember to remove these covers during the day to allow sunlight and air circulation.

Harvest Your Garden

Don’t forget to enjoy the fruits of your labour! Fall is the time to harvest crops like pumpkins, apples, and root vegetables. The flavours of homegrown produce are unparalleled, and they make for delicious autumn recipes.

Maintain Your Lawn

Your lawn also needs attention during the fall. We find that a lot of our clients tend to assume that once the weather begins to get cooler, mowing isn’t as necessary. This is far from the truth; we continue to mow, but we gradually lower the cutting height as the season progresses. This helps prevent diseases and encourages strong root growth.

Plan Ahead

As mentioned above in the “Consider Bulbs for Spring” section, planning is the most important thing you can do. Use the fall season to plan for the future. Consider what worked well in your garden this year and what you’d like to change or expand upon. Research new plants or design ideas to implement in the coming seasons.

Fall is a beautiful and rewarding time for gardeners. By following these fall essentials, you can ensure that your garden remains vibrant and healthy, even as the weather cools. Embrace the changing colours and enjoy the unique beauty that autumn brings to your outdoor space.