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Having a pond in your yard has many purposes; it provides a calm feature for you and family and friends to enjoy. Adding a pond to your backyard is a great home for beautiful fish, such as Koi and goldfish, and ponds attract and provide a sanctuary for indigenous wildlife such as dragonflies, frogs, toads, turtles and birds.

Baby frogs and toads (tadpoles) are generally a desirable pond inhabitant because of their algae-eating habits.

They create a friendly eco- system within the pond. Frogs and toads are also beneficial to gardens for their help in controlling insects. A pond is a great teaching tool of environmental awareness to children and caring for a pond can teach children how a natural ecosystem works. This helps them understand the responsibility we all have for our environment. A simple pond is wonderful but there are other options of adding a natural looking waterfall to make a pond even more impressive. Fill out the form below to start your backyard ecosystem.

“We hired Paramount Landscaping in late May to complete an overhaul of our backyard. When we booked with Joe he gave us a date of June 24th 2013, which was roughly a month. We had a bunch of rain while we waited for the date to arrive which I figured was going to set back the project. They arrived within 2 days of the projected date and started the project. The backyard was expected to take about 14 days and even with two rain days during the two weeks they managed to finish in 12 days. The process was flawless in our eyes and we are very happy with the outcome of the backyard, so much so that we have booked them for our front yard in September and our best friends have booked them in this month for a large retaining wall. Everything we were offered was given with honesty and professionalism which is what we were looking for in a company for this project. Thank you guys for all the hard work in the hot stubborn weather, you did a magnificent job.”

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