Paramount Landscaping started with the idea that customer service should be a priority in our industry. The vision was to create a white collar company in a blue collar world; one that harvests accountability, professionalism, customer care and knowledge into an industry that pays very little attention to these important words.

The company started in 2005 with one man’s dream to build this vision. In only twelve short years it has grown to one of the premier landscaping companies in the GTA, continually winning the Reader’s Choice Awards in Burlington, Oakville and Flamborough and recently winning the prestigious Consumer Choice Award in Hamilton and Niagara regions for Best Landscape Contractor.

As the company built, so did our teams’ qualifications and specialties. This meant our range of services expanded as well.

Our Team

Paramount now has a senior management team of seven people with over 80 years’ experience in landscaping industry. We service 26 cities and we specialize not only in property maintenance and landscape construction, but 16 other accompanying trades as well. We have a true desire for creating beautifully manicured properties and stunning outdoor retreats. We would love to share our passion with you.

What makes Paramount more Accountable, Available and Professional than our competitors?


Is a trait that has been forgotten in our industry. Our new customers’ common concerns about our predecessors are - we have no idea when the landscaping company performed the service visit and we are not sure what they did while on site. This is not adequate, and we have provided our customers with a solution for these concerning questions. In 2011 Paramount started constructing the Customer Accountability Program (CAP). CAP is a complete interface program that all employees use for their daily activities- from quoting to employee clock in/out to service reports. When our teams are on site, the Global Position Systems (GPS) in our trucks, coordinates with our CAP program allowing the team to clock in and out of the property, check information about the site in real time, confirm services, identify the service team, and convey pertinent information about the site that the customer may be unaware of. This is then immediately sent to the client by email and with this relevant information, we provide the client complete accountability.


24/7, 365 days a year- how can we be more available than this? To us, customer service means being there for the customer when they need us and in today’s busy world we understand that when you may get in from a long day at work, get the kids to bed or finish that project you are working on and by the time you think about contacting us it may be close to midnight. We will be there to answer your calls or respond to your emails at all hours.


is a word very loosely used in today’s society and definitely in our industry. We hire career- oriented staff with experience and education place them in year-round positions, while our competitors may hire fresh out of high school or for a seasonal position. We understand that you don’t want a trainee working on your investment or someone that is only with a company for a few months. We have designed a company that can afford better wages and supply customers with team members that have respect for their careers and will maintain a great relationship with clientele. Short term thinking is a characteristic that has been accepted in our industry and we refuse to think short term. From the ground up, we stand behind our company and we are not afraid to show it. Our brand is well known in the GTA and our trucks and trailers seem to be the most recognized in our trade even though there are literally hundreds of landscapers in the Halton area alone. We were one of the first companies to go with comprehensive safety uniforms on all staff, which has started to set a precedent in the industry. We have a full customer service and sales team, which means we never stretch ourselves too thin to do the job effectively. Maintaining professionalism has been strategic in our growth and brings something refreshing to our new customers.

Our team will treat your property like it’s our own; we take pride in knowing that you are a part of our family.

“Doug and his team are an incredible group of passionate and dedicated landscapers. I had work done on both my front and back property and I was thrilled with the results. They were professional and timely and the quality of the work was impeccable. I would not hesitate to recommend them for your landscaping project.”
Sandra Watzin

Our Management Team
Doug Dolson
Doug DolsonCEO/ President
(905)332-2030 ext 701

Bruce Odell
Bruce OdellVice President of Operations
(905)332-2030 ext 703

Naomi Wallace
Naomi WallaceOffice Manager
(905)332-2030 ext 5

Nicholas Compeau
Nicholas CompeauProperty Maintenance Manager
(905)332-2030 ext 3

Dave Brejak
Dave BrejakConstruction Manager
(905)332-2030 ext 6

Alessio Trailani
Alessio TrailaniConstruction Manager
(905)332-2030 ext. 705

Kim Vallee
Kim ValleeChief Financial Officer
(905)332-2030 ext 700

Kerri Dolson
Kerri DolsonSocial Media Coordinator
(905)332-2030 ext 704

Matt White
Matt WhiteSales Manager
(905)332-2030 ext. 4

Chad Murray
Chad MurrayProperty Maintenance Supervisor
Carlos Medina
Carlos MedinaProperty Maintenance Supervisor
Jason Wood
Jason WoodConstruction Foreman

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