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Burlington Spring and Fall Clean Up

Spring and Fall Clean-Ups

It is extremely important to understand that how your yard looks throughout the season is dependent on the initial clean up at the beginning of the season. This is because a maintenance service is designed to maintain the current state of your gardens and landscape in general. The spring clean-up sets the tone for the rest of the season and starts the growing season off right. Basic services performed in the clean-up include: debris removal, garden prep (edging, weeding and cultivating or turning the mulch), pruning hedges, bushes or ornamental grasses (if required or not performed prior to the winter). Other services that can be performed might include some Softscape Construction items such as adding dirt or mulch to gardens, repairing grass turf damaged during the winter, tree pruning or removal, edging of your sidewalk or driveway. The main focus of our spring clean-ups is to prepare your yard for the growing season and to prepare it for the weekly maintenance we will be providing for you throughout the entirety of the season. Removing the debris both cleans up the yard and removes any decaying material that may be harboring pathogens and pests that may be harmful to your landscapes plant life.

In the fall of the year, it is important to note that we will continue to mow your grass until it stops growing. As mentioned above, it is good to cut your lawn to a shorter height (2 inches) on the last cut of the season. This is because tall grass will become matted under the snow, which encourages mold growth that can be harmful to the health of your turf. The specific timing of the end of the mowing season is different each year and depends simply on when the weather turns cold, forcing the turf into a dormant, non-growing state.

In the weeks subsequent to the last mowing and after the majority of your leaves have dropped, we will be conducting full clean-ups. The main focus of this clean-up is to clear lawns and gardens of debris and litter. The decomposing plant material can be a haven for insect eggs, fungi and plant diseases, allowing them to overwinter in your yard and attack your lawn and plants in the spring. In some areas, most of this material (fallen leaves etc.) can be left curbside for the City crews to pick up, thus saving you removal and disposal costs. Be sure to notify us well in advance of these pickup dates so we can perform your clean up immediately before hand if possible.

Where requested, your fall clean-up can also include a final check of the gardens, removing weeds and dead perennials or annuals. A single weed pulled now can prevent hundreds of sprouting weeds in the spring. We can also prepare your trees and shrubs for winter conditions. These services can include pruning and removing dead twigs and branches as well as burlap wrapping as needed to prevent damage caused by heavy snow.

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