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Fertilizing and Weed Control (IPM Services)

Unlike a wild meadow, which is self-sufficient, a lawn is a plant community that is subject to very difficult growing conditions: for one thing it is constantly mown and trampled. Moreover, we often tend to expect our lawns to be greener and lusher than the soil can support. In most cases, this means that we need to fertilize. Paramount's fertility technicians use a custom blended product that has been specifically formulated for our area of Southern Ontario. It is a superior blend of fertilizer and organic material that ensures the proper nutrients are delivered at each application throughout the growing season. We provide a complete program which includes a regiment of 5 fertilizer applications, including one winterizing treatment. This program can be combined with an IPM based weed control service (see below) to provide you with the most beneficial and worry-free program in our area!

There are many benefits to fertilizing, including:

  1. *Fertilizing supplies nutrients needed during the high demands of the growing season.
  2. *A vigorous and healthy lawn resists weeds.
  3. *Proper nutrition protects your grass from pest infestations and helps it recover should one occur.
  4. *A thriving lawn is more resilient to traffic.
  5. *Nitrogen is supplied for leaf and shoot growth and a deep green color.
  6. *Phosphorous is provided for establishing seedlings and root growth.
  7. *Potassium is given for greater tolerance to hot and cold weather and against wear.
  8. *An application of fertilizer in the fall prepares your lawn for winter and speeds its recovery in the spring.
  9. *Fertilizing establishes new lawns and maintains established lawns.

Paramount's weed control measures conform with all Municipal IPM regulations and pesticide bans. IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management and is a decision-making process that uses all necessary techniques to suppress pests effectively, economically and in an environmentally sound manner.

IPM Principles include:

  1. *Identifying potential pest organisms such as insects, weeds and diseases.
  2. *Monitoring pest and beneficial organism populations, pest damage and the environment.
  3. *Managing ecosystems to prevent organisms from becoming pests in the first place.
  4. *Managing pest populations using strategies that combine biological, cultural, mechanical, behavioural and organic techniques.

All of our fertilizing technicians are fully licensed to perform pest control measures on your property and are trained in both IPM and PHC (Plant Health Care) principles, which will give you a balanced fertility program and monitoring of your site/property for any problems that may be present. What this means for you as a Paramount Customer is that we will provide you with all the information you need to make smart decisions regarding the upkeep of your property and how best to get it looking the way you want it to look, keep it green and healthy, and provide you with feedback and recommendations on smart choice cultural practices (such as proper watering regimes, and core aerating and over-seeding) that will benefit your lawn and landscape.

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