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Burlington Core Aeration

Core Aeration / Over-seeding / Top Dressing

Compaction is a physical process where the soil in which your grass grows becomes more and more compressed and occurs naturally over time or due to traffic. Compaction results in a reduction of the amount of oxygen contained in the soil and hinders or prevents movement of nutrients to the roots of the grass plant. The roots need oxygen, and as they grow they give off carbon dioxide. Eventually the lawn thins until, ultimately, the soil can no longer support any turf growth. Aerating involves making holes in your lawn with a tool that removes small plugs of soil to allow a better flow of air, water and nutrients to the roots. This stimulates root growth and prevents thatch build-up. Core aeration creates healthy roots and thicker, more beautiful lawns. Turf soil should be aerated at least once a year, especially if your soil is heavily compacted or consists of clay. Over-seeding after aeration is important, as the holes left are perfect places for grass seed to germinate since the seed and new seedlings are better protected. The aeration holes also hold moisture for better seed germination. This is the most important step you can take yearly to help keep your lawn healthy and looking beautiful. It improves you lawn by relieving compaction, breaking up thatch, providing free topsoil, drought protection, water savings, Insect and weed resistant, new turf growth, fertilizer absorption, and property value. This application is best done in early fall and if necessary can be done in the early spring.

Over-seeding - is the term used to describe applying more seed to your already established lawn. Over-seeding is performed to keep your lawn thick and lush in order to out-compete weed growth. This is especially important for lawns that have been thinned out due to compaction or damage from insects and disease. We also use the highest quality grass seed mixtures that are native seeds to our area. Using native seeds is always recommended, as these seeds are already accustomed to our soil, rain and drought conditions. Over-seeding is best done in fall during aeration.

Top Dressing - is applied to amend your soil and improve its structure. Top dressing consists of compost, top soil and fertilizers. Adding organic matter is an excellent way to improve soils, especially those soils high in clay or sand. Loam type soils are best at retaining the water and nutrients your turf needs. Adding top dressing in conjunction with aerating is always recommended as it will help get the material down into the soil and to the root zone of the turf.

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