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Burlington Commercial Snow and Ice ManagementSNOW AND ICE MAINTENANCE

Burlington Commercial Salting and Deicing Management

Salting / De-icing Management and Monitoring

As members of industry leading associations such as Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA) and the Smart About Salt program, we understand the importance of having well trained operators who understand the proper use of salt and other de-icing products and strategies. We are highly trained, and keep a vigilante eye on your property, weather conditions and temperature trends. We can foresee hazards before they are upon us and know the steps that must be taken to keep your property in the best condition possible.

We are conscious of our environmental impact and the costs that our actions force onto our clients, while at the same time we remain steadfast on providing and maintaining a safe and hazard free environment on the properties we tend. We use treated salt at all times, which gives better ice control and melting dynamics than regular salt. Furthermore, higher performance products mean less salt usage throughout the season. This translates into a lower cost for your business and a lower impact on the Environment. We are trained to know how much salt to apply, when best to apply it, when it is necessary to apply it to ensure safety, and when it is not necessary (thus reducing both the financial drain and negative consequences on the environment). Our salt use can amount to significant savings over the course of an entire season compared to other landscape/snow removal contractors.

Other added features of our services include:

  1. *GPS rigged trucks makes us accountable for our site visits and provides added documentation for insurance and liability purposes for both us and property owners
  2. *Provision of on-site salt bins for spot salting of walkways and building entrances, ensuring a constant and readily available salt supply for added safety
  3. *A "Spot Salt" service included with our site monitoring. This keeps your site hazard-free and reduces the need to cover your full parking lot with unneeded salt, reducing your salt charges and lessening our impact on the environment
  4. *A constantly updated SNOWLINE providing storm information and service call information keeping all our clients up to speed on what we see and our plans for current snow removal services
  5. *Off-site snow removal and disposal for parking lots with limited space or heavy winters

Check out our Snow Line. It's ON-LINE and on the phone.

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